Clean background photo of Jessica's Recipe Bag brimming with ingredients

Recipe bag week 4 – what’s in the bag?

This week we delivered these delicious dishes (click to┬ásee the photos larger on Facebook): Halloumi Kebabs with Pilaf Rice, Herb Crusted Lamb with Sweet Potato Fries, One Pot Chicken with Vegetables and Mash and Prawn Laksa. Full of flavour and warmth for this bitterly cold January week! This week I wanted to include recipes that have plenty of vegetables packed into them, not just for the nutritional factor but to also get you thinking about how vegetables can easily be incorporated into dishes or made into child friendly food favourites such as fries. A good variety of vegetables and fruit, … Continue reading

Fruit and spice vegetable casserole | Jessica's Recipe Bag

A Taste of Christmas on the 17th December

We are very excited to announce the recipes coming up in our bag for delivery on 17th December. All the stops have been pulled out to put together a very generous bag of wonderful festive ingredients to bring you some early Christmas cheer. We aim to fill your kitchen with the classic Christmas aromas of cinnamon, Swedish red cabbage and chestnuts, whilst keeping the dishes very simple. It is just what you need when you are rushing around for presents and the last thing you want to face is a heaving supermarket with queues the length of the aisles. Our … Continue reading

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