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Quality ingredients from local suppliers

Fresh turnips | Jessica's Recipe Bag
Selection of fresh meat
Beef noodle salad dish, Jessica's Recipe Bag

Most of the food and ingredients we buy are from local suppliers – we like to keep things sourced from local communities where possible.

Where does the meat and fish come from?

Meat is sourced from Devon Rose, a family-run traditional British butchers, and our fish is supplied by the fantastic Simsons fishmongers.

We get fresh orders for our deliveries at the best possible prices.

Fish recipes take into account the fish guide issued by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and do not contain any edible fish which features on the WWF’s red list.

Preference is always given to meat and poultry that comes from regional British farms.

Who supplies your vegetables?

We buy all our fresh vegetables from New Covent Garden Market. It’s the biggest fruit and veg market in the UK, which enables us to select the finest quality fresh produce from the largest possible range.

Depending on availability and price, you will find as much organic food from organic farming as possible in our recipe bags every week. Fresh vegetables feature in abundance. We prefer to deliver local types of vegetables which vary with the season. In the winter months, we sometimes resort to imported vegetables in order to be able to provide you with a balanced variety.

Quality ingredients make for nutritionally balanced, healthy meals

Meals are planned by our cook and nutrition expert Jessica Andersson, and we do all we can to supply exciting and varied meals, while keeping them simple and quick to cook.

Eating healthy isn’t difficult, especially not when you get all the right ingredients delivered to your door!

The fewer E numbers, stabilisers, artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives the better

Cooking with Jessica’s Recipe Bag means avoiding flavour enhancers (for example glutamate), artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated vegetable fats. As a consequence, we do not use “light” products, but instead use dairy products with normal fat content – although we use them sparingly or diluted.

Read more about our thoughts on healthy eating and meal nutrition’s importance for general health and wellbeing.

We buy in bulk, so you don’t have to

Jessica’s Recipe Bag is a resource-friendly service. The recipes and bag contents and/or individual quantities are planned in such a way that practically all the ingredients are used up when preparing the weekly menus.

The logistics of Jessica’s Recipe Bag makes a tangible contribution to caring for the environment. Compared to all our customers doing their shopping trips in their own cars, our optimised delivery routes enable a significant reduction in exhaust emissions.

Sounds good? Try it now, order a recipe bag today and get tasty recipes with fresh ingredients from great suppliers delivered home!

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