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Linas Matkasse started delivering recipe bags in 2008, while Jessica’s Recipe Bag is just now starting the same great concept in the UK.

In Sweden, Linas Matkasse deliver to thousands of customers every week across the country.

Jessica’s Recipe Bag is a subsidiary of the Swedish company Linas Matkasse (Swedish for Lina’s Food Bag) started by brother and sister Niklas Aronsson and Lina Gebäck.
Jessica is our full time meal planner and recipe developer. She is based in London and a mother of two teenage kids. A fully qualified nutritional therapist, specialised in meal planning for individuals and families, she was awarded her degree from Westminster University and is a full member of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), the Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CHNC).

Of course! Just give us one weeks notice that you want to suspend or cancel your subscription. You can do this on the website, in the member section after you log in with your account details.

We understand that nobody wants to be locked into a long contract, so we offer a service that you can opt in and out of as you please.

We deliver on Monday nights, between 5pm and 9pm. Read more about delivery and payments on this page.
You simply order and pay here on our website. Click Sign Up, and you are on your way!
No, we only accept card payments. You can read more about how we deal with payments on the page about payment methods.
Weekly menus never look exactly the same, and one of our top goals is to make sure we provide variation and exciting dishes that are fun and easy to cook. Individual dishes may show up more than once per year, but always in combination with different meals.

Recipes are unique for each bag, this is part of the fun! One of our top goals is to make sure you feel meals are varied, inspirational and exciting. Our website always shows photos of the dishes that will be in next delivery, take a look at the pages about our recipe bags for the latest menu.

You can also find lots of example recipes and typical recipe bag dishes in the blog section.

Each grocery bag is prepared for a couple (3 meals for 2 people) or a family of four (4 meals for 4 people). Currently we aren’t able to adapt bags for individual households. If you feel a recipe bag contains too much food for you, please keep in mind that you can freeze meals for later use (making what’s in the bag last even longer) or prepare next day lunch boxes from the leftovers and bring a healthy and nutritious meal to work!
Sorry, we can’t adapt bag contents or ingredients for individual deliveries. Due to the way we compose our recipe bags, allergies isn’t a very big problem though. How so? Since we focus on fresh, natural ingredients with very few ready made components it is easy for you to find what you can’t eat and separate that out. Note that there may be products in the bag that contain gluten or nuts, like for example pesto. It is important that you take this into consideration and always check the ingredient list, and the contents of labelled products.
Our recipes are hugely varied, and we try to ensure that a good mix of ingredients is included in every recipe bag. So its unlikely a specific meat or vegetable will be included in multiple meals. However, we can’t guarantee that your bag won’t include a specific ingredient (e.g. pork).
Currently we don’t supply a vegetarian recipe bag. However, we work hard to ensure that our food bags are as nutritionally balanced as possible, so often we’ll include a vegetarian meal in our menus. If a strictly vegetarian bag is something that interests you, please let us know as we’re constantly looking at ways to develop our product and keep our customers happy.
From order to delivery of the first bag it can take up to 6 days. We always deliver on a Monday evening, read more about delivery and payment on this page.
Our Family Bag regular price is £69, that’s £4.31 per person per meal. Our Couples Bag regular price is £42. First time buyers always get a discount, taking the price of your first bag to £45 and £29 respectively. Delivery included! Sign up now, and you are on your way to a more stress free approach to home cooking!

Our grocery bags mainly contain fresh, natural ingredients and a minimum of prepared components. In this way you get better control of what you eat, and the opportunity to learn more about spices, produce, and preparation of sauces and other meal components that are fun to prepare from scratch.

Fresh vegetables are a large part of the bag, and these will be delivered in tune with what is exciting for the current season we are in.

Learn more about our recipe bags, and our thoughts about meal planning and nutrition.

Yes! We work with the payment provider AdYen (, a Dutch company certified by VISA and MasterCard, for managing all payment details. Your payment details are collected securely on our website when you order your first bag, and then managed securely through AdYen to allow you to change or cancel your payment details after signing in to your Account page on this website. Your card is only ever charged after a recipe bag delivery. Read more about how we deal with payments on the page about payment methods.

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