What is Jessica’s Recipe Bag?

Jessica's Recipe Bag brimming with fresh ingredients

You sign up to our delivery service online via our website. We deliver a recipe bag brimming with ingredients. You cook with your family or friends.

Each family bag contains four main meals for four people (the couples bag has three meals for two people) along with nutritionally balanced recipes to cook at home.

We deliver on Monday evenings between 5pm and 10pm, and you plan in advance which weeks you do and don’t want a delivery after signing in to your account on our website.

The delivery contains the quantities of fresh foods and groceries required for the recipes we supply, which only have to be supplemented by basic store-cupboard ingredients.

The recipes are developed by our chef and qualified nutritional therapist, Jessica Andersson, and are designed to be tasty while varied and suitable for busy couples and families with children.

Each meal takes between 25 to 50 minutes to cook including preparation time and are ideal for stress free weekday evening meals.

If you have any more questions, explore the links to the left. We have collected answers to the most frequently asked questions about Jessica’s Recipe Bag here.

Jessica's Recipe Bag Process

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