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Jessica Andersson: mother, cook, nutritional therapist

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Risotto with beans and added thyme | Jessica's Recipe Bag

I am Jessica Andersson, a working mum living in London with teenage kids. All recipes delivered with our recipe bags are developed and tested by me. I am also a fully qualified nutritional therapist and experienced cook, specialised in meal planning for individuals and families, health coaching and nutrition education.

In cooperation with Linas Matkasse in Sweden, leading recipe bag company in Europe, I am really excited about having started Jessica’s Recipe Bag.

Having children myself, I really value family meals and feel it is important to teach my children to cook and to bring them up on healthy fresh food.

My favourite meals are generally ones with lots of flavour, like chicken cooked in yoghurt and spices. Fish, especially salmon with a dill and crème fraiche sauce which is light and fresh, is another favourite. My youngest daughter thinks my lamb meatballs is the best dish!

Having lived in many different countries and with a passion for travel, I take a lot of recipe inspiration from Scandinavia and the Middle East.

Overall, my aim is to show you that given the right guidance and tools, cooking well-balanced meals is fun!

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