Family enjoying cooking together

We take the stress out of home cooking, leaving the fun to you!

Get fresh food delivered so you can enjoy cooking more
Family Enjoying a Meal Together
Jessica in her kitchen | Jessica's Recipe Bag

Finding time and inspiration to come up with new meal ideas, keeping a balanced diet, and do the shopping can be hard.

We deliver fresh ingredients and delicious recipes straight to your door. When you use our service, the stressful parts of cooking at home are taken away and you can focus on the fun parts: the actual cooking, and enjoying tasty meals with your family or friends.

All our recipe kits are created by Jessica Andersson, a busy mother, experienced cook, and qualified nutritional therapist.

With her long background in meal planning and first hand experience of busy family life she knows how to create recipes that anyone can cook. Meals all take 25-50 minutes from start to serving, and no fancy kitchen tools are needed.

Fresh food delivered

On our blog you find a few examples of recipes that have featured in our recipe bags already:

Time saving and avoiding frustrating food shopping on your way home from work aside, we’d like to point out these great benefits of using our fresh food delivery service:

  • No need to plan and shop for the week’s meals – we prepare tasty and healthy meal plans for you.
  • We buy the highest quality fresh food and groceries – ensuring you get great fresh ingredients at a reasonable price from trusted suppliers.
  • Feel assured you feed your family a healthy diet, with delicious as well as nutritionally balanced meals.
  • Tested and easy to follow recipes created by our own cook and nutritional therapist.
  • Paying the same price every week for a set number of meals helps with budgeting and planning.
  • Saves you time and money – fresh food delivered in the right amounts helps in avoiding over purchasing of ingredients and wastage of food.
  • Never worry about trying a new recipe, our tried and tested recipes are easy to follow and make sense.
  • Spend more time cooking and dining with your family, enjoying home cooked food together!

Sounds like a good idea? Read more about what is in one of our recipe bags. Or try it now, sign up today to experience first hand what we are talking about!

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