Receiving delivery from Jessica's Recipe Bag

Delivery & Payment

Recipe bags are delivered on Monday evenings between 5pm and 9pm. You control which Mondays you want to receive a Recipe Bag in your account section on our website (order your first bag to receive your personal login details).

Our online payment system is secure, and you are in total control of deliveries:

  • We securely collect your debit/credit card details when you sign up.
  • Delivery to your door is free.
  • We don’t charge you until your bag has been delivered.
  • Cancel individual deliveries in your account (three days notice required).
  • Pause/Stop the delivery service at any time in your account.

You can easily pause our delivery service at any time. Simply log in to your account and you can select to pause or cancel your account (no minimum term). Individual deliveries can also be cancelled quickly and easily if you are on holiday for a week, but you have to let us know three days before the next delivery.

You only pay for the deliveries which you have received.

Delivery areas

Check if we deliver to your area using our delivery postcode checker on the sign up page.

We currently deliver within greater London. Postcodes included are: W, WC, NW, N, E, EC, SE, SW, TW, KT and the following GU postcode areas (1 – 4, 11 -25, 46, 47, 51, 52).

If we don’t currently deliver to your area, please use the interest application function (shown after looking up your postcode) to leave us your email address and we’ll let you know when we are operating in your area.

To speed up the process, tell your friends and neighbours to visit our site and make an interest application as well. The more people that show interest in an area, the quicker we will start delivering there. We have a lot planned over the coming months, and will rapidly expand the areas we deliver to.

Methods of payment

You can pay for your Jessica’s Recipe Bag securely and easily by debit or credit card (we accept VISA and MasterCard). You will be asked for details about your payment method when you register. You only need to enter these details once – future deliveries will be automatically deducted using the payment method selected during registration.

In order to offer you maximum reliability and security for electronic transactions, Jessica’s Recipe Bag collaborates with the payment provider Adyen BV ( The Dutch company’s Internet payment service is one of the most secure solutions on the market (PCI-certified by both VISA and MasterCard).

Once you have registered as a customer, we temporarily debit your card with £0.50. This blind debiting over a maximum of 48 hours is a system-related security mechanism that checks the correctness of the data provided and the solvency of the card. 100% is recredited to you, within 48 hours, i.e. you will find a debit and a credit item of £0.50 respectively on the statement from your bank.

After this initial validation, we debit you on the day that your bag is delivered. If a transaction fails twice, we will contact you by phone or by e-mail so that you can check your details.

The payment process at Jessica’s Recipe Bag is an automated process. If you change your payment information, the next due amount will be deducted using the new details. Our system always saves the details that were last entered and checked – this means that manual transfers are not an alternative option.

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