I am Jessica Andersson, a working mum living in London with teenage kids. All recipes delivered by Jessica’s Recipe Bag are developed and tested by me. I am also a fully qualified nutritional therapist and experienced cook, specialised in meal planning for individuals and families, health coaching and nutrition education.

Slow Cooking Perfect for Winter!

Winter is the perfect time for slow cooking casseroles and joints of meat. We do not include these types of dishes in our recipe kits so I thought I would put one up on the blog. This is a spiced leg of lamb which is absolutely delicious! The meat just falls off the bone. You can also use lamb shanks as well as leg of lamb. I have made this…

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Which potato for what job?

Do you always go for a good all-rounder type? I am talking about potatoes of course! Choosing which potatoes to buy can be a little confusing especially as most of the time one needs a potato that is good for roasting, baking and mashing etc and hence why the all-rounder varieties are the most popular. If you have experienced potatoes disintegrating when boiled, baked potatoes that never soften, soggy chips…

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